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Books and other media that serve Key of David’s Purpose represent decades of study, discussion, reflection, and prayer on crucial issues such as the Identity of Israel, Celebrating the Feasts/Moedim, Honoring Torah, The Coming Restoration, The Role of Women, and the importance of the Holy Spirit/Ruach haKodesh. NEW

Identifying Israel

Not only the land, but what does Torah have to say about who the people of Israel are?

Celebrating the Feasts

What are God’s appointed times, and how do we enter in and partner with Him?

Honoring Torah

What do the Scriptures say about honoring the Lord and following His commands?

Our Coming Restoration

God will restore His land, His people, and His people to the land. What does Scripture say regarding this and how will it come about?

The Role of Women

Throughout history, women have been displaced and their Biblical role unfulfilled. Scripture tells us of a unique place they have in the plan of Redemption.

The Importance of the Holy Spirit, the Ruach haKodesh

The presence of the Holy Spirit/Ruach haKodesh is recorded throughout all Scripture. What role does the Holy Spirit/Ruach haKodesh play in our lives today?

We carry such genres as inspiration, instruction, children’s books and study guides, curriculum, and fiction, and will be expanding our inventory to include other retail items.

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About Key of David Publishing

Key of David Publishing serves to teach and reach those who are searching for their identity as Ephraimites through various media resources as they rediscover their identity as Israelites. Our resources provide the necessary information to help understand our responsibility to encourage reconciliation and the restoration of the Kingdom to all Israel.

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